A Message from Mike


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

      2,000 members of 32BJ marched in the streets of Philadelphia yesterday demanding fair contracts and good jobs. Click here to see photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32bj/sets/72157627782061910/ .

      We came from New York City and the Hudson Valley, New Jersey, the Washington, D.C.-area, Connecticut, Delaware and Western Pennsylvania to join with Philly members because we are one union united in one fight.

      The first wave in our campaign is Philadelphia, the D.C. area and Pittsburgh, where contracts expire in October. Our march told employers in every 32BJ city that we will stand together in these cities — and everywhere — until we win good, strong contracts for all 60,000 32BJ commercial office cleaners, janitors and building service workers.

      Mary Kay Henry, president of the SEIU, joined us yesterday in Philadelphia for the march. Our fight is part of a much larger campaign for all property service workers. Contracts expire for more than 150,000 SEIU janitors across the country in the next year. We all share the same goal: To defend good jobs that support our families, strengthen our communities and get our economy on track. SEIU members rallied in 22 cities yesterday to send this message nationwide.

      Yesterday was exciting — and important. I urge you to stay involved as we fight on. Our success depends on our solidarity, our resolve — and our action.

      Yours in solidarity,

      Mike Fishman, 32BJ President