DC Good Jobs & Strong Communities Pledge


Contracts covering 12,000 office cleaners in Washington, D.C. Montgomery County, Northern Virginia and Baltimore expire on October 15. Our hard work is essential to the daily operation of commercial offices in our nation’s capital. And our jobs are essential not just to our families, but to our communities as well. We ask you to stand with us in our fight for a fair contract. Please take the pledge.

The people of our city need good jobs that pay a decent wage and provide secure benefits. Families have bills to pay, kids to raise and the future to plan for. Good jobs are essential to families, but also to the health of our communities.

12,000 office building cleaners in our area are negotiating a new contract now. I stand with them and their union, 32BJ SEIU, in theirefforts to win an agreement that includes a fair pay raise, fair workload standards and more full-time jobs with benefits.

The commercial cleaning business in our area is mostly part-time. That means people with jobs of#en remain below the poverty level and families and communities struggle needlessly. Yet the commercial real estate industry in Washington, D.C. is healthy and growing: It can afford to support good jobs.

According to experts in the field, D.C. will be “among the top office markets in the country this year.” Economists expect a steady increase in office employment in the city, growing demand for office space, rising rents and shrinking vacancy rates.

Office cleaners’ efforts to win a contract that provides good jobs are part of a national effort to restore the economy and reclaim the American Dream for hardworking families. Join me in supporting this effort. It’s what our city needs – and our conscience demands.

By submitting this form I am signing this pledge, and I grant 32BJ SEIU permission to make my support public, both online and in published media. I also commit to taking further steps to help building cleaners win a fair contract. Please let me know what else I can do, such as contacting building owners and managers employing cleaners and cleaning contractors and attending public events, such as press conferences and rallies, to demonstrate my support for the members of 32BJ.


  • Eleanor Holmes Norton
    US Congresswoman (DC)
  • Gerry Connolly
    US Congressman (VA-11th District)
  • Valerie Ervin
    Montgomery County Council President
  • Sharon Bulova
    Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Fairfax County Council
  • Kwame Brown
    Chairman, DC City Council
  • Jack Young
    Baltimore City Council President
  • Jim Graham
    DC City Council Ward 1
  • Michael Brown
    DC City Council At-Large
  • Vincent Orange
    DC City Council At-Large
  • Eric Olson
    PG County Council, Vice Chair
  • Nancy Navarro
    Montgomery County Council, District 4
  • Hans Reimer
    Montgomery County Council, At-Large
  • Chap Petersen
    Senator, Virginia 34th District
  • Adam Ebbin
    Virginia House of Delegates, 49th District
  • Mary Margaret Whipple
    Senator, Virginia 31st District
  • Dave Marsden
    Senator, Virginia 37th District
  • George Barker
    Senator, Virginia 39th District
  • Walter Tejada
    Arlington County Board
  • Jo Ann Benson
    Senator, Maryland District 24
  • Bill Frick
    Delegate, Maryland District 16
  • Tom Hucker
    Delegate, Maryland District 20
  • Veronica Turner
    Delegate, Maryland District 26
  • Victor Ramirez
    Senator, Maryland District 47
  • Ana Sol Gutierrez
    Delegate, Maryland District 18
  • Bill Ferguson
    Senator, Maryland District 46
  • Roger Manno
    Senator, Maryland District 19
  • Nick Mosby
    Baltimore City Council Democratic Nominee, 7th District
  • Mary Pat Clarke
    Baltimore City Council, District 14

Labor and Community

  • DC Metro Central Labor Council
  • Virginia AFL-CIO
  • Northern Virginia Labor Federation
  • DC Jobs with Justice
  • Georgetown Solidarity Committee
  • Thomas Blanton, Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Raquel Guerricagoitia, CARECEN
  • Katrina Dizon, APALA-DC
  • Colaition of Black Trade Unions
  • Jacob Feinspan, Executive Director, Jews United for Justice
  • Jana Meyer, Director of Social Justice Ministries, Foundry
  • United Methodist Church
  • Father Viadl Rivas, St. Mathew’s Episcopal Church/St. Michael and All
  • Angles Episcopal Church
  • Rabbi Robert Saks, Congregation Bet Mishpachah
  • Jean-Louis Peta Ikambana, American Friends Service Committee – DC Peace
  • and Economic Justice Program
  • Barbara Kavanagh, DC Employment Justice Center
  • SEIU Local 1199
  • SEIU Local 500
  • SEIU Local 722